Herd Builder Sale Official Results -- February 2017

Date: February 27, 2017 - 5:32pm


Carson Auction Services Ltd. Listowel, Ontario, Canada February 25th 12:30pm

Thanks to all the bidders and buyers. We estimate the onsite crowd size @ more than 200, plus those that watched online.


1.  Steele SpecklePark
2.  Silver Tip SpecklePark
3.  UnderhillSPECS
4.  Fleetwood SpecklePark
5.  WalkerbraeFarms

All 22 Lots sold to 20 unique buyers. 12 of the 20 are first time Speckle Park buyers. 1 Lot going to New Zealand and 2 Lots going to Western Canada.

SALE GROSS = $80,500
AVG ON 22 LOTS SOLD = $3,659

5 straws of Underhill All Out 1D donated by Herd Builder ConsignorGroup:

Lot 23 sold for $500 to Walkerbrae Farms & George Earley who then kindly donated it back to resellagain
Lot 23 sold for $450 to MikeMetske

*** $475 will be donated to both Perth County Junior Farmers & the CSPA Youth Fund

REGISTERED SPECKLE PARK: 2016 bulls: 9 bulls avg $3,488 with highsellers:
Lot 3 Underhill Beef Wagon 5D for $5,900 by Font Farms Ltd. of Petrolia, ON (Consigned by UnderhillSPECS)

Lot 1 Steele Dominator 1D for $5,000 by Codiak Acres Speckle Park of Ardrossan, AB (Consigned by Steele Speckle Park and UnderhillSPECS)

2015 bull:
Lot 10 River Hill 21A Cost-A-Lot 152C for $4,700 by Fred Riehl of Gadshill, ON (Consigned by Silver Tip SpecklePark)

2016 heifers: 4 heifers avg $6,175 with highsellers:
Lot 14 Portercrest Win 4D for $6,700 by Sommer Meadow Farm of Norwich, ON (Consigned by Steele SpecklePark)
Lot 12 Underhill Chrome 18D for $6,500 by Spot-R-None of Asquith, SK (Consigned by UnderhillSPECS)

COMMERCIAL SPECKLE PARK: 2016 bulls: 6 bulls avg $2,525 with highsellers:
Lot 18 12B for $2,800 by Fred Riehl of Gadshill, ON (Consigned by UnderhillSPECS)
Lot 17 11D for $2,600 by David J Willis of Wingham, ON (Consigned by UnderhillSPECS)
Lot 22 US 7H for $3,600 by Gerald Vervoorn of Harley, ON (Consigned by UnderhillSPECS)

Herd Builder Female Sale is planned for Saturday, October the 21st 2017. See you there!