Private Herd Records

Bulletin:  Private Herd Records

Private Herd Records have proven themselves immensely valuable to breeders, registrars and breed associations for the recording of pedigree livestock.  At the present time while every association is transitioning to parentage verified by DNA, these records still are especially valuable when resolving questions of the parentage of older animals.  This is no less true for Speckle Park today.

According to the CSPA By-laws (Section 27, Private Herd Records) each breeder of Speckle Park cattle is required to keep private herd records in addition to those records held by the CSPA Registrar at CLRC.  These Private Herd Records are subject to inspection (CSPA By-laws, Section 28) at the directive of the CSPA Board of Directors who may appoint an inspector or by the Minister of Agriculture or his appointed representative.

In 2005 and 2006 when the Association was inspecting Speckle Park to identify Foundation Stock, the inspection committees inspected Private Herd Records as well as the animals under consideration to ensure the quality of the animals, the integrity of the Private Herd Records and individual identification on the papers issued by the Association’s registrar.  At that time the Minister appointed Animal Pedigree Officer reminded the inspectors that neither calendars with notes written on them nor cereal boxes full with slips of paper constituted Private Herd Records. 

Whether the Private Breeding Records exist in hard copy on paper or in an electronic format is the choice of the breeder.  The Association has no preferred management software.  However, whatever the format, the Private Herd Record must be capable of being inspected.  Any breeder who wishes the Association to provide a template may request the same from the Association’s office.  See below for an example.

CSPA By-laws require the following details to be recorded in a breeder’s Private Herd Record.

a.   For each breeding female, include

·   Her registration number, tattoo mark and any other identification mark or marks, and any other information the breeder may deem advisable, and

·   Opposite or under the name of each breeding female, for each calf produced the date of birth, sex, identification mark or marks, and name of each calf, and the name and registration number of the sire of each calf.

·   This information is to be entered at the same time that each is tattooed for registration.

b.   For semen include an inventory of all semen which is the property of the breeder and the semen’s storage location.  If disposed of, the manner of disposition and/or the name of the new owner if sold.

c.   For embryos include an inventory of all embryos which are the property of the breeder and the Record shall include their storage location and the names and registration numbers of their dam and sire.  If disposed of, the manner of disposition and/or the name of the new owner if sold.

Breeding Age Bulls.  Although not required by the By-laws, many breeders will attest to the beneifit of keeping a detailed separate chronological record of breeding age bulls used and owned by a Speckle Park breeder.  Such records have been particularly helpful when other herd records have an error, and verified parentage is at stake.  It is recommended that such records include

·    The identification of the bull: registration number, colour pattern, tattoo number and any other identification mark or marks.

·   Dates for the bull’s arrival and departure from the premises.

·   The turnout dates and the dates pulled from various breeding pastures.

·   Any dates for hand breedings.

Penalties.  The CSPA By-laws (Section 28) prescribe penalties for failure to keep adequate private herd records.  The authority to inspect the breeder’s herd, the manner of identification used by the breeder and the manner in which private herd records are kept, lies with the inspector appointed by the Board of Directors or the Minister of Agriculture.  In the event the inspector appointed by the Board finds a breeder at fault, the Association’s Registrar in consultation with the Board of Directors may take whatever steps necessary.  The most serious offences may result in suspension of registration papers and/or membership in the Canadian Speckle Park Association.

CSPA August 2016
Posted to Website October 2016